Photos exclusifs

Photos exclusifs


Jt et sa femme(victoria newman) et son bébé(reed)

Victoria and J.T. with their son, Reed.

Marriage brad victoria


marriage nick/phillys


William Bardwell(futur mari de gloria fisher abbot)et gloria

Les 2 Romalottis

Danny Romalotti returned to Genoa City with Daniel in tow. Despite his father

Dani junior et sa mère

Phyllis was hurt when Daniel chose to stay but wanted nothing to do with his mother. They have grow closer recently though.

Daniel et Kevin Fisher

Daniel made friends with the troubled Kevin Fisher and was really pleased when Kevin and his brother Michael won the lottery.

Daniel et Cassie

Young Cassie Newman had a crush on Daniel which put her life in jeopardy and sadly she lost that battle. At first, everyone blamed Daniel.


La nouvelle Mackenzie

Rachel Kimsey










La nouvelle victoria

A Wedding Re-visited

Les (Re)marriages

Neil et Drucilla

Drucilla Winters and Neil Winters (remarriage) in 2003

Brittany Hodges et Bobby Marsino

Brittany Hodges and Bobby Marsino in 2004

Lauren Fenmore et Michael Baldwin

Lauren Fenmore and Michael Baldwin 2005

John Abbott et Gloria Fisher

John Abbott and Gloria Fisher in 2005

Lilly et Daniel

Now married to Lily, who stole his heart, Daniel faces all the trials and tribulations of young married life and has a few secrets that just may rock the very foundation of their marriage. Stay tuned!


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